For a second weekend in a row I drove to Joe’s Valley to meet up with some friends and get on some amazing sandstone bouldering. There is so much great climbing in Joe’s that anyone could have a blast just doing moderates all day. This is definitely becoming one of my top favorite bouldering places in the US. We started driving with Sara mid day on Friday for Utah where I met again with Paul Nadler, Ezno Nahumury, Mercedes & Kristen. We all had great time climbing together and some boulders got ticked off. Saturday morning we warmed up at a sunny spot on right fork. The next stop was left fork where we got on a great V5 called “Killed By Numbers”, “Wills a Fire” a classic highball V6, “They Call Him Jordan” V8, and finished there with “Beyond Life” V10. I have included some of these climbs in my video below. Enzo Nahumury climbed Beyond Life with only few goes, pretty much hiked it. I ended up doing it 4th go, thanks to everyone screaming behind my back to hold on. That mono pocket really hurt my already tweaked middle finger. The next day we went back to area 51 so Kristen could send “Spam” V7 and, which she ended up doing pretty quick, and we all got on “Pocket Rocket” V6. I got footage of Kristen and Enzo’s ascents, that I will edit and upload soon. Anyways check out the video below!