It has been a long time since the last time I drove to Lincoln lake.  Finally  summit road opened today and I was able to get out there and check conditions.  Both hikes seemed fine, especially the hill that is closer to “Phobos” boulder.  I hiked half way down the hill and took some photos with the telephoto lens.  Some snow digging will be required of-course, but overall I will be on my way to the lake tomorrow with the shovel and a pad!

So the upper area or the regular hike you come down from looked still a bit snowy, and “Powder Keg” boulder is half way covered in snow (the boulder is pretty big).

“Take it to the Grave” boulder is in really normal and perfect conditions, no snow pretty much.

“Phobos” seemed to be under the snow still, and “Honey Badger” plus “Small Arms” looked climbable. Here are some pics below, any questions, text me:

“Unshackled” requires some serious cleaning (photo above)