Fall season for Joe’s is finally here and this past weekend my wife Sara, Mercedes Pollmeier and I decided to go and check out some areas we have not climbed at in the past.  I have been following Scott Hall on his Vimeo account crushing sandstone boulders all summer. That got me very motivated to try some new problems.

We arrived at Joe’s around 11:00pm on Friday and the plan for the next day was to go to Dairy Canyon for a whole day.  The area was snowed in when we went to check it out, mostly wet. We decided to head towards the Raiden are in left fork, which I have not climbed at in the past.  There is this amazing boulder called “Taking The Stairs V9” which I ended up doing on my second go and another V10 up the hill called “Dunkin Donut’s” which went 2nd go as well.

The next day on Sunday we had a little time to climb since we got lost in the search for Dairy Canyon’s correct left turn…  I have to mention that this could have been described as easy as explaining that its the SECOND LEFT AFTER THE “INDIAN CANYON LODGE” sign driving uphill on right fork.  The road you make a left on was pretty bad so I do not recommend driving on it if you don’t have good clearance or 4×4 in your car!  It is a short distance from the road to the boulders for Dairy Canyon, so if your car is not gonna handle it, park somewhere on the side of the road before taking the left turn.

I managed to get some video of just few climbs. Hoping to get back there soon before it gets completely snowed in and get more of the amazing boulders there on video.

Photo above:  Mercedes Pollmeier climbing on Raiden – Joe’s Valley, Utah. October 2011