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This weekend Rob, Isaac, Sara and I went to the Gunks for an exciting two days of bouldering.  The first day on Saturday we stopped at Lost City area where we found some new climb we didn’t know the grade of.  The landing was sketchy but we managed to do it with 1 or 2 goes and thought it was about a V7.  After that we were ready to get into some more difficult stuff and went to Rabbit Wolverine V9, but no success on it again.  To finish the day we moved to Harmonic Tremors V10 where Rob was the only one to do the problem.

The next day on Sunday we went on Carriage Road to try some boulders we never got on.  The first one was Chaotic Stability V10. The sun was hitting the holds the whole day and everything felt too warm so we moved to Euphoria V11.  Another successful send for Rob D’Anastasio.

The trip turned out to be great with awesome weather.  Stay tuned for more this season.