This weekend I got to check out a new boulder I had not been at before. Germ Free Adolescence is a classic highball located in Eldorado Canyon, Colorado. I tried to go for the flash on the right sit, but the first move was a little difficult to figure out as it turned out. Few goes later I managed to send it and you can see my video of me climbing it below.
However, I am not sure if this boulder has seen a female ascent before, but Mercedes K Pollmeier crushed the stand of  Germ Free Adolescence which I believe is a V5.  Check out the video below of her climbing it as well.  I had some time to take a few photos as well, check ’em out!

Above video: Ivo Penchev on Germ Free Adolescence Right Sit V8

Above video: Mercedes K Pollmeier on Germ Free Adolescence V5