Couple of weeks have passed since my last blog.  Some friends from the east are visiting me as well so it has been a busy month climbing outside.  Rest was needed and as bad as it sounds, luckily it rained the past two days.  Below are some photos I have taken over the past month, enjoy!

photo above:  Thomas Betterton on “Mind Matters” V12 at Guanella Pass, CO

photo above:  John Gass on “Child Star” V12/13 at Mt Evans, CO

photo above: Stephen Meinhold on Phobos V10/11 at Mt Evans, CO

photo above:  John Gass on his new problem at Mt Evans, CO called “The Green Hornet” V8

photo above:  Chris Schulte on “Purple is not a color” V10 at Mt Evans

photo above:  Paul Nadler on “Lincoln Pinch” V6/7 at Mt Evans