Lincoln lake has seen a lot of new boulders development during this season.  I have been hiking around trying to find some new lines.  On Saturday John Gass, Jimmy Webb and I did some new additions to the area.  Jimmy put up a new V7/8 called K.O. (photo below) as well as another difficult compression boulder called “Now nudda” V11 located right of the “Jamie Emerson” boulder problem.  I was able to add a new line called “Group Therapy” V7 on Saturday, and also grabbed the “Group Therapy Sit” V8 on Sunday.  These new lines are all in the lower section of Lincoln lake across from each other.  John also did the first ascent of a cool compression line (V5-ish) above the “Group Therapy” boulder (no name & photos yet).  The summer alpine bouldering continues and I am looking forward to adding some more climbs to the area! Enjoy!

Paul Nadler working on “Group Therapy” V7

Justin one move into “Group Therapy” stand start

Sam sticking the first move on the Sit start of “Group Therapy”

Ivo on the first (crux) move of Jimmy Webb’s new line called “K.O.” V8