It has been awhile since I’ve updated the blog.  This weekend John Gass and I headed out to Mount Evans for some climbing.  We hiked down toward the “Powder Keg” boulder and spotted what turned to be a new climbing wall.  We put up some really easy warm-ups on it, which I find to be amazing.  No pads needed for them as well v0-V1.  Just 10 feet left on the same wall John G. cleaned this really perfect climb called “The West Side” V9.  It starts on a cracked jug and moves to small crimps and a sloper pinch, to a committing top-out.  We got a video of the climb that is going to be included in our upcoming alpine movie.  I managed to take some photos as well while John was working on the beta.  To get to these climbs just hike past the “powder keg” boulder and 50 feet after it go down hill and right. You will see an obvious crack wall (that has all the warm-ups), and the V9 will be on the left side of the same wall.  Below are some photos, enjoy!

photo above: John Gass climbing on “Hi-Five” V1, FA by Ivo Penchev •  Lincoln Lake, Mt Evans 2011

John on  “Hi-Five” V1

Starting holds on “Hi-Five” are the big ledge below John’s right foot (photo above)

John Gass on his F.A. of “The West Side” V9  •  Lincoln Lake, Mt Evans, CO.

John Gass topping out  “The West Side” V9  •  Lincoln Lake, Mt Evans, CO

Below are some photos I took when we hiked up

Summit of Mount Evans, Colorado (photo above)

Baby goat at Mount Evans, Colorado.

More updates coming soon. Have a nice week!